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Full End Game Cleric Character, Press Aditional Information for further info on what the this pack contains.

Additional information

lvl 105 Reborn 2

Auto leveled to 105 reborned twice.

3rd Fairy Shifting Sky

3rd Fairy Shifting sky which means you have all skills learned. You will recieve an item in inventory which will allow you to switch cultivation to your liking.


Fully Unlocked Meridian.

R9r3 Gears Weapon

Full r9r3 Gears Weapon fully refined 12 and full of gems.

End Game Ornaments

Emperor Tome, Ascension Cube of Fate Necklace, Crown of Madness and Wings of Ascension


LvL 105 Genie fully equipted with lvl 6 gears.

Star Chart

lvl 50 with lvl 10 Astral Energy and 20.00 Aptitude Starchart

3 BlessBoxes

30 Atk lvls, 30 Def lvls, 15atk 15def lvls.

Rare Weapon Skin

Special g17 Weapon Skin given only to donators.

10,000 Gold

10, 000 Gold to further personalize your gems build and few more to spend on whatever you like.


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